Samsung Galaxy A50 Features and Specifications


Samsung is in no need of any introduction when it comes to smartphones and the latest technological gadgets. Being an industry leader in Android smartphones, Samsung’s trademark has always been impeccable quality and outstanding features with exquisite style for its customers. Today, we’ll take a closer look at one such example of Samsung’s brilliant engineering; coming from their lines of the Galaxy A series phones, the Galaxy A50. If you’re looking for a phone which gives the biggest bang for its buck you’re at the right place.

The Samsung Galaxy A50

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is a somewhat high-end phone which provides an extremely immersive experience to its users. Launched in February 2019, it comes packed with all the latest features anyone could ask for, ranging from a highly intelligent camera all the way to a secure and protected system, the A50 has it all.

Body and Display

The A50 measures 158.5 x 74.7 x 7.7 mm, weighs 166g exactly and has a screen size of 6.4 inches. A50 provides an Infinity-U display which covers the phone edge to edge, providing a near bezel-less experience. It uses the FHD+ resolution alongside Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors, which can make you lose yourself in the videos that you stream. The phone has an 84.9% screen to body ratio which, as mentioned before, makes it almost bezel-less. The phone has a bright resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels which gives it a density of 403 pixels per inch, resulting in an immensely sharp display. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 technology to minimize the risk of cracks and damage to the phone. It also supports a Dual SIM port which allows the user to use their personal and professional contact numbers in just one device. The key point to notice here is that the Dual SIMs are supported separately from the MicroSD slot, a trend which seems to be picked up by many other smartphone manufacturers. This means that the user does not have to choose between either using a second SIM or a microSD card, which plays a vital role in the overall user experience of the Samsung Galaxy A50.


A50 runs on the latest release of Android which is the Android 9.0 – Pie. Samsung always releases its phones with the stock Android version. Other manufacturers ship their phones with customized skins with their Android phone to make their products more brand compliant. Such example is OxygenOS, EMUI, ColosOS by Oneplus, Huawei and Oppo respectively. It has an Exynos 916 (10nm) chipset and runs an Octa-core CPU with 4 Cortex-A 73 operating at a speed of 2.3 GHz and 4 Cortex-A 53 running at a speed of 1.7 GHz. Samsung ships the phone with the Mali G72 MP3 internal GPU.


This is where the Samsung A50 allows its users to really be as free as they can. The phone comes with multiple variants in terms of internal storage capacity and RAM. Here are the following options that you can choose from:

  1. Internal Storage is: 128 GB, RAM: 4 GB
  2. Internal Storage is: 128 GB, RAM: 6 GB
  3. Internal Storage is: 64 GB, RAM: 4 GB

This allows users to have an ample amount of internal storage space with a RAM to ensure smooth sailing of the phone regardless of the number and the size of applications being installed onto it. Apart from these, the A50 also has a dedicated slot for an external microSD card with a capacity of up to 1TB! That’s right. You can carry a hard disk in your phone without having to worry about the cost or the physical constraints. You can take as many pictures as you want and not worry about the hassle of transferring them from your phone to your laptop. This also comes at a huge benefit to photographers who can easily move the pictures in the microSD card.

Front and Back Camera

Samsung truly outdid itself when it comes to the camera. Galaxy A50’s triple camera consists of an Ultra-Wide Camera which offers a 123 degree wide vision which is the same width as seen by the human eye, working at a resolution of 8MP, a 25 MP camera with a focal ratio of 1.7 and offers a 5MP depth camera for adjusting the depth of the field being captured.

The phone also uses artificial intelligence to enhance your photos and the entire experience of taking a snapshot! It uses the Scene Optimizer technology which recognizes and enhances the picture that you’re clicking whether that be of food, your pet or anything you love!

Another amazing feature is the camera’s capability to help the user take the right photo. How? It uses Flaw Detection which helps to catch any eye blinks, blurs and backlighting issue and recommends the user to try and take the photo again. No more regrets when you look at photos from your vacations only to realize that most of them are of no use. The Galaxy A50 is not just a phone, it’s your companion.

The phone also has a front camera for clicking immaculate selfies, working at a resolution of 25 MP! That’s as good as any phone’s main camera. Both the cameras are capable of recording 1080p videos at a rate of 30 frames per second!

Battery Time and Quality                         

The Galaxy A50 comes packed with a Non-Removable Li-Po 4000 mAh Battery which is quite the size for a smartphone. It also supports fast battery charging at 15W which means you don’t have to wait around hours for your phone to get charged and ready to use. Samsung claims that the battery is able to provide up to 92 hours of audio playback time which is insane! If you’re a video fanatic, you can play videos on the Galaxy A50 for up to 19 hours straight!


The phone comes with an under-display fingerprint scanner, an accelerometer, a gyro, a compass, and a proximity sensor. To top it all off, it also supports the ANT+ which allows you to view your sport, fitness and health monitoring data in real-time on your mobile device. The most common ANT+ profiles are used for Bicycle Speed and Cadence, Bicycle Power, Activity, Weight Scale and Blood Pressure. This just shows the comprehensiveness of the Galaxy A50.

Galaxy A50 comes with a built-in friend of yours, which is the Bixby virtual assistant developed by Samsung. It frees you to focus on what matters the most to you. It learns your behavior and patterns in your phone activity such as which applications do you like to use the most at which time of the day. From message notifications to news updates, Bixby helps pull up relevant information from different apps to help you accomplish more within a single screen! Bixby is also extremely helpful when using the camera. It allows you to search for items, translate documents with ease and even scan business cards by simply taking a photo of them, making your life easier and more efficient.

Despite having all the modern features, Samsung has never compromised on security. It never wants its users to feel unprotected in today’s cyber world and makes sure that your phone and your data is in safe hands. The Galaxy A50 comes with the Face Recognition capability which makes sure that no one else can unlock your phone without your consent, keeping all your personal files and folders secure! Samsung also provides an internal security feature which is the Samsung Secure Folder. It is a powerful and rigorous security solution that lets you create a private and encrypted space to store any and every private content such as photos, documents and voice recording under an additional layer of protection.

The phone is available in Black, White, Blue and Coral colors to buy which make sure that you don’t only have the top-notch features but you also look good while using them!


Samsung Galaxy A50 Price in Pakistan is PKR 54,999.


Some might consider the Galaxy A50 to be on the pricy side and they won’t be wrong. It costs more than your average smartphone and is not an economical option for buying. However, the A50 is an absolutely tremendous phone which has state of the art security, a breathtaking display, a smart camera with features so amazing that it makes the phrase ‘the camera cannot capture what the eye can seem redundant. It supports an insanely large external memory and provides a smooth running of the phone because of its more than adequate RAM size. It runs the latest version of Android and has a fast processor to complement the software it hosts. All in all, the Samsung Galaxy A50 provides perfect value for money. It provides a very tough competition to its competitors where Samsung has set a very high benchmark for coupling a set of hard to get features in an adequately priced smartphone.


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