Everything You Need To Know About The New Samsung S10 And S10 Plus


For all the tech geeks it’s exciting whenever Samsung launches a new phone. It not only out shines itself from the last model but also makes sure to set the bar even higher for its competitors. From its top-notch specs to the trendiest designs, the standards are raised for every phone to come.

Are you thinking whether the new Samsung S10 is worth the investment? Then keep reading forward and know all there is to know about the newest member of the Samsung family.

What’s in the box?

The Samsung S10 Box set includes

  1. The phone
  2. A protective casing
  3. Data cable
  4. Travel Adapter
  5. Ejection Pin
  6. USB connector
  7. AKG headset with accessories


  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 is available in two Sizes.
  • The s10 being 157 grams compared the S10+ which is 175g
  • 8GB RAM
  1. 128 GB up to 512 GB internal Storage
  1. 16 MP Ultra-wide lenses
  1. 12 MP Wide angle lenses
  1. 12 MP telephoto lenses

What is It compatible with?

The following accessories are sold separately.

  • Galaxy watch active
  • Different casings specially built for the new Samsung
  • Samsung buds
  • LED view cover
  • Wireless charging duo pad
  • Wireless battery pack


With competitors like Apple in the market it is extremely important to have a best designs and styles in the market.

  • With a 6.1 Inch display on the s10 and 6.4-inch display on the s10plus one of the main features is the Infinity-O display is the one of the continued features but is thus far Samsung exclusive.

The idea is to have an endless seamless screen display without buttons or ditches. The display looks sleek and elegant and is one the focal features the phone has to offer.

  • The finger scanner moves from the back of the phones body to the front, equipped with ultra-sonic technology that allows it to sense every ridge and pulse of your finger to unlock your phone for you, how cool!
  1. It is engineered to have the perfect display a phone can offer. Thedynamic AMOLED screen is HDR20+ certified.

That means that the images are represented in their best form with the highest resolution and real colour display.

  • More over the dynamic AMOLED display has 42% less blue light which tends to be harmful for the user.

The display is eye friendly and it does not compromise on the colour or contrasts of the images on the screen.

  • The screen is made of Gorilla glass 6, which is one of the strongest glasses that can endure day to day damage without harming your phone. The back glass is also equipped with gorilla glass 5 to get the best protection, the market has to offer.


  • The phone is available in 6 beautifully unique colours. Starting from the classic prism black and white upto a ceramic black and white.

There also a pop of colour, having a version of the phone in the colour blue. The colours and finishes make the phone look even more sophisticated and sleek.


The fact that this phone has a total of five lenses is mind boggling. There are ultra-wide camera angles the phone has 3 rear cameras and 1 on the front on the average s10, while the s10 plus has an additional fifth camera. You can take true colour photos with setting your preferred aperture modes as well.


  • One of the highlighted features thus far is the 24-hour intelligent battery. This battery offers 4100 mAh capacity and adjusts your phone according to your pattern of usage.

It adapts your battery according to the prediction of you day, how amazing is that? This saves power and helps your phone last longer durations without recharging it.

  1. Another cool feature is the wireless power share, which is amazing if you think about it. You can charge your phone with tapping another phone? The idea is revolutionary and one of the most high-tech features of the phone.
  • Furthermore, it also allows wireless charging via the wireless charger duo pad. This makes charging hassle free and much faster than the average charger.

The Charger duo pad is equipped with fans which also prevents the phone overheating.

  1. Along with super-fast CPU fully functional with an 8GB RAM, the internal memory is also a whopping 512 GB. A user can add another additional 512 Gb memory card externally. The phone can support/manage upto 1TB of storage. Which nowadays even most computers don’t offer!
  1. It also allows double sim for the flexibility of operating multiple sims from the same phone, this option is usually not offered by the newer generations of smart phones. But Samsung knew better to keep that one in.
  • The phone has a Dolby Atmos enhanced sound with a stereo sound system as well. This allows the user can enjoy three-dimensional sound which is further aided by the AKG ear phones. Giving clarity and functionality.
  • The phone is also resistant to the elements. A great phone has all it has to offer all while being water and dust resistant. This phone is surely checking all the boxes so far.

How smart is the phone really?

  • The Samsung Bixby tool helps the phone adjust seamlessly with the persons day. It also acts like a personal assistant.
  • Then there is Bixby vision that allows you to turn photos into a whole another ball game! It automatically translates from pictures which is handy tool when traveling
  • Picture guides helps you whenever you try to photograph something. It adjusts distances, lights and other options for an ideal picture.
  • You can also create Live emojis on the new Samsung, like what apple came out with. These emojis are based on your real images and scans, how cool!

Currently both the phone models are available for pre order, with pre order you get perks like another 10000 mAHBattery pack and the Level U pro (wireless headphones). It retails for around PKR 170,000 onwards. Happy shopping!


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