Is Tiger Woods Set to Unveil his Old Self In 2019 GPA Tour?

  • Introduction

On Thursday, 24th January, Tiger Woods is all set to make his 2019 PGA Tour debut at The Framers Insurance Open. He is returning after 11 years to the same course at Torrey Pines where he struggled hard to win the U.S. Open back in 2008.

Tiger has been under great luck by getting to the top 10 seven times, completed 18 official events in 2018. He claimed 80th PGA Tour win and also was about to win FedEx Cup.

  • Brief

It is a common trait for golfers to remember what they had been achieving at what place. Torrey Pines holds unforgettable and prolific wins of Woods, which consists of eight victories as a professional golfer. This also includes his success in 1991 Junior Worlds, when he was only 15 years old. Then at the age of 23, in 1999, when he was ranked as the best golf player, he was on the verge of making history by getting the most profitable wins. There he won which led to his next 17 wins in the onlytimespan of two seasons. In U.S. Open, 2008, he has two fractures in the left tibia, ruptured right anterior cruciate ligament and still managed to make his first victory at US Open. This all has made Torrey Pines hold a special place in his life.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – NOVEMBER 27: Tiger Woods of the United States speaks to the media during his pre-tournament press conference as a preview for the 2018 Hero World Challenge at the Albany Club on November 27, 2018 in Nassau, Bahamas. (Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Woods had been anxiously looking forward to his future when last year he appeared at La Jolla. He tried to make his come back while he was still working on his firm grip at golf swing. Little did he know about this year’s great news of being part of PGA Tour.

He had been improving and coming back to top step by step. Starting off with his cut, coming into top 15 players, followed by an almost win and then close fail to a major win. This steady progress seems to be a nature’s way of bringing him back to action as a winner. This also had created a huge difference between his narrative exactly a year ago and the narrative he holds now.

His mood shows his state of win. This whole previous year, he seemed more of enjoying just by getting back to the game. This has been his unusual reaction. Woods have always been a stern player, who showed no sign of amusement prefinal win. He would wait till the game is done an dusted. This could be easily noticed at British Open, PGA Championship and a few more. Less interaction between him and partners have been noticed. Proving that he is back to action with high winning chances. His seriousness is an obvious indication of it.

People now are looking forward to what kind of Tiger Woods they are about to witness. The recent $3 years old, all sweet and smiling and enjoying game Woods? Or the Woods who will not let the hint of a smile pass away when the victory is right in front of him. The time will tell.


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