Top 11 Categories/Genres of Music


Music has been alive for centuries in this world. The music was categorized in different genres so that every music type can be differentiated from the other. There are lots of genres of music but academics have recently declared that distribution of music in different genres is a very outdated thing. But still, some of the most famous and popular genres of present and their history is discussed below:

1.     Rock

Rock music is the widest genre of music that came into being in the 1950s. It is the music that has originated from Americans and Africans. This music is associated with electric guitar and electric bass and drums. The themes that are covered in rock music are usually romantic love songs but political and social issues are also covered by rock music.

2.     Pop

Pop music is also divided into many subgenres. It also originated in the 1950s in the United States and the United Kingdom. It was often confused with the popular rock music but both of them are totally different from one another. Pop music was clearly differentiated in the late1960s. This differs as there is verse-chorus to be heard in pop.

3.     Latin

Latin is actually a complicated genre as you can see many different genres in music that is sung in Spanish language but all of them are considered as Latin. It was described that the songs that are sung in Spanish are all considered to be Latin songs irrespective of their genres. Spain, the United States,and Brazil are the states that are largely involved in selling Latin music.

4.     Jazz

Jazz is the musical genre that was originated in the 19th century and 20th century. It was actually originated in the United States and is also considered as the American Classic. There are many different subgenres of Jazz all over the world. In 1920’s it was considered as the major form of music all over the Africans and Americans. The roots of Jazz are in Africa from Blues and Ragtime.

5.     Hip hop

Hip hop music is the genre of music that is also considered as rap music. It is quite a large genre of music as there are many further subgenres in it. It was introduced by the Americans and Africans. You can see stylized and rhythmic music in this genre. In the 1970’s it gained popularity and is still very popular. Just because hip hop is considered rap music, it does not mean that rapping is a necessity in this genre.

6.     Folk

Folk music gained popularity in the 19th century but it is not the origin of this genre. The actual and accurate time of folk music is still unknown as it goes back to many centuries. The folk music is the music that is sung by unknown artists and is sung orally. It is usually the traditional music that is sung differently in different cultures.

7.     Electronic

Electronic music is a very wide genre as there are hundreds of subgenres that come under it. It is actually associated with the music that is recorded with the electronic instruments. The devices that can produce electronic music are computers, Theremin,and synthesizer. This genre of music was introduced in the 19th century. It has a significant influence in the pop music.

8.     Country

The country music is actually the hillbilly music and country and western music. It was originated in the 20th century from the Southern United States. This genre has its roots in the folk music and blues. This music involves string instruments and usually has dance music to it. The folk lyrics are also heard. There are many subgenres that come under this wing.

9.     Easy listening

The easy listening is the genre that was most popular in the 1950s and 1970s. It is the popular music and the music that can be heard in the radio format. This genre is based purely on instrumental music. You can hear it in the background music of movies and dramas.

10.                       Blues

Blues was originated in the 19th century in the Southern United States. This genre was originated from the African Americans. It has deep roots with African musical traditions, spirituals, African-American work songs, and folk music.

11.                       Avant-Garde

The avant-garde was usually mistaken for the experimental music but that’s not the case as this genre has acertain traditional position in the world. 


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