The name Malcom  is very special to me, in very one I know called malcom does something profound, breakthrough with something significant for life, I short I love the name the same token it happens that  Mac millers full name is Malcolm James McCormick, he looks clean and is a malcom how wont I love him.

He actually started his career as an American rapper, a sosngwriter and a record producer. I would say this was enough for a person to wake up and e excited to achieve. A cool career path not to say how fun it is when he will step on stage and be hailed throughout , dear the guy is cute and handsome. You can easily love him too.

He started his care in 2007, born on the year 1992, along with this  would you say he achieved success too early and that could account for his irresponsible actions that caused his death?


There are some career paths that when one chooses he or she will never be celebrated no matter the level of achievement. This will not be that your career is not important because every career and job is very important. A musician is important for the fun and power their music has on individual same as mason is important for the shelter they help provide. Without a doubt no one celebrates a mason or does anyone do?

After Mac Millers death in September 7, 2018, so close to the end of the year, he was then celebrated in October 31 2018, the same year. Yes he was celebrated by family and loved one as well as that the celebration was live steamed.  Talk of life stream which he will sure make some money apart from this gain more fans, even while dead.


He was known to have first signed an independent label at Rostrum Records in July 2010,guys that was when he was 18 years. He career started that early and yes to make it clearer he started to make enough money at the age of 18, who would not want this one can even kill for this and this was what someone had and unfortunately was short lived would you say it’s in line? That is easy to get, easy to lose? 

Dear the guy didn’t get it easy he sure did get things faster but not easy. Come along with me let’s look at it together. It is recorded that he is a self-taught musician. He played piano, guitar, drums and bass all by himself at age 6. He did try other career options too, he was a footballer and tried lacrosse in high school. Unquestionably his magic age was 15 years.  Let’s see what he once said in an interview and I quote ‘’once I hit 15, I got real serious about it and it changed my life completely … I used to be into sports, play all the sports, go to all the high school parties. But once I found out hip-hop is almost like a job, that’s all I did.” Following this I think if one wants to make it in life fast, you need to find what your fast is and put in your all.

He quickly established himself by 2009 as Mac miller releasing two mix tapes. In addition he won awards, the 21 and under awards and the best hip hop video for free. I can confidently say one puts in work for his weather it was quick or slow he sure did work for it and he need recognition. As I write this it comes in mind to ask if this would have been different if he kept the name Malcolm instead of Mac . the name Malcolm is a heavy name, maybe it could have kept him down and alive by now, we need more hip hop


To take a look at things critically, this music life was from 2014- 2018. Clearly this was a four year successful career life. I won’t wish for this even though it came early. Would you rather have an early short successful life or a relatively late and long live successful life?

He had GO: OD AM (serious creativity at its peak), then the Divine feminine and also swimming. GO: OD was about exploring the emotions of love. I bet everyone love to hear about love. The world’s most famous riddle which takes one’s life time to solve. The divine feminine about love and life and had 10 tracks then comes swimming had 13 tracks. I don’t think it would be easy to come up with a track let alone a track for sale in a career. You would want to give your best.

He is a good artist not to like. I remember he stared in one movie he was so into it and all as if he was created to be in that movie. His voice is that type that cuts into ones heart at least my heart. How on earth could we lose such a person to drugs? Should it have been a guy sort, no he seems to be cool with most just as he sang in his song dunno, the chorus say wouldn’t you rather get along?

Have you watched his music video on his song self care? The moves he makes with his hands and legs dear is so cool. In this song he said he was treating he right, with a cigar on his lips. Those of us who love cigar no hard feelings but I don’t think that’s anything like self care. I wish he did more of real self care then maybe I would have met him to do his dance with him.


If it was a road accident I would have been glad to write he died probably going to perform somewhere. Just as he was doing self care with a cigar I guess he was doing self care with the drug. To cut long story short he did drug abuse and that was what killed him.

That was not his first time doing drugs or trying drugs. He opened up to Complex in January 2013 about having difficulty with substance abuse and depression. Without a doubt my dear friend mac was confused, he probably had problems only with depression and his way of solving it was to escape. God, how long can one escape a feeling when you are a living been.  Many people face depression along in life either early in life or later. I have faced depression for year in my twenties I did take drugs alcohol if I should say but Mac took it to another level.

He should have deal with this addiction but I guess he didn’t then the addiction dealt with him. Found and died in his home studio, the guy loved his work but my question is did he love himself. Definitely he would have said he loved himself but he didn’t find a better way to treat himself right. Drugs don’t solve depression; moreover drugs are like food we take it in it gets absorbed into the blood stream only to only to want more. He was pronounced dead in his home studio with overdoes of let’s see the drug he overdosed. He overdoes a mixer of fentanyl, alcohol and cocaine. Someone should have palyed his self-care music for him with better scenes in the video. Scenes of jogging, eating right and last but most importantly praying. Don’t tell me I didn’t give you a hit of self care.


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