Role of Musicologist in Different Fields


Music is food for our souls. In this article, we will discuss the roles of musicologist in different fields as well. A musicologist is a person that is an expert in judging the music audios and is able to tell whether the music is copied or original. The musicologist is hired as an assistant in the record label agencies, television, and film production companies, music publishers, media advertising companies and many more. They are the expert in the forensics of the music and they give suggestions on how to correct the music recordings. They are very expert in all the analysis of the sample, copyright valuation, and verification for original and licensing research.

Issues that a Musicologist handles

There are many things that only a musicologist handles in the media fields. Some of these issues are:

1. The musicologist is asked to check the musical records for any company, media, game, or song and if there is a similarity with any other music then the musicologist suggests doing some changes so that the music can be unique.
2. If there happens to be litigation in the music then the musicologist gives suggestions about how to overcome this issue. In the litigation case, the musicologist has to scrutinize all the elements like; melody, rhythm, lyrics, or theme etc.
3. The musicologists also prevent the music record from getting sued for copying as they search everything about the recorded music and study every element.

Skills of a Musicologist

The skills that are required in the musicologist are:

1. The musicologist needs to have a masters’ degree in musicologist.
2. If the degree is not in musicologist then, any other equivalent degree can suffice but only if the music is part of this degree.
3. The musicologist needs to know about the different genres of the music.
4. The musicologist needs to be familiar with all the genesis of the music.
5. If you are trained in only one instrument then that is great but it is not necessary.
6. The musicologists must be able to read the sheet music, you should be able to distinguish between the Bo Diddley beat and Afro-Cuban clave.

Record labels

The record labels are the companies and organizations that publish the recorded songs and music in the market. These companies are also responsible for the recruitments of the new people.
• A musicologist’s role in this company is to listen to the song and judge whether its melody, rhythm, and timing are good or not.
• It is not very hard for a musicologist as he/she is trained for this and has the better knowledge of these things.

Music publishers

The music publishers are the people that are responsible for paying the payments to composers and songwriters of the recorded music.

• The musicologists are also required in this field and their role is to assist the music publisher.
• The musicologist determines the contribution of all the people in making a music record.

Film and television production companies

The film and television production companies also require a musicologist. The job for the musicologist in this company is permanent.
• The musicologist studies the soundtrack of a film or drama and tells about the effect of that particular soundtrack on the film or show.

Media advertising agencies

The media advertising agencies also need musicologists.

• The musicologist is responsible for the music that is used as the background in an advertisement.
• The musicologist tells about the effect of the background music in the advertisement.

Benefits for Musicology Students

There are many things that the musicology students are provided with that the normal music lovers are not provided with. This is because the musicology is the full-time study while the music lovers are only given one or two classes of music. These benefits are:

• The musicology students are given classes on every day and on all types of instruments.
• These students are provided with professional trainers.
• These students are provided with the best facilities in the music area.
• The musicology students are trained and provided with advanced instruments and technologies.
• Certificates and awards are also given to these students.
• The studies are provided to people of all ages.



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