Progression Of Music From Half Decade


Every culture or community has a relation to music. You can see all around the world that even the most isolated tribes of the world have traditional music. You see that in the past, there was music for celebrations. Music was alive in the time even when technology was not introduced. It has been present all along with the birth of the first human being. Throughout the years, music had developed and flourished and had gained popularity. In this article, you can see how music had developed and how different musical genres came into being.

Musical Time In 1950:

The music has been present in every era, there is no doubt in it but there are many genres that were introduced slowly with the passage of time. In the 1950s, the Rock’n’Roll was introduced by the white musicians. The white musicians are actually a group of singers of 1950s called Bill Haley & His Comets. They first introduced this genre in 1952 and presently, this genre is very popular. This band was considered as the revolutionary band as their 9 songs were listed in the top 20 list. One of these songs was on the top of the chart and three were in the top ten. This band got success a lot with this Rock’n’Roll genre.

1960 | The Era Of Musical Videos:

The year 1960 was not only the beginning of racial integration in the music world but also the year when music videos were introduced to the world of music. The band, Motown Record Corporation, were the very first band that had American and African artists and one of their songs was ranked as number two in the Billboard Hot 100. The top ten hits of this group were also in 1960. The first ever music video of all time was given by Bob Dylan in his song ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’. This year was also the time when first ever all-female band reach the top of the chart in the music world. This female band was also introduced by the Motown records.

1970 | A Time Of Rock Music:

The year 1970 had actually brought out the best rock music of all time. Some of the best rock music bands were also introduced in 1970. Some of the most memorable rock songs were recorded in this year. These songs were sung by the famous American hard-rock band, Aerosmith. They launched their famous album of rock music in 1972 which actually hit the top 20’s. The subgenre, hard-rock, was also taken to its peak in these years by another band called KISS. This group is still well known in the world because of their very unique and creative performances. The hard-rock is mostly enjoyed by the younger generation now as they can relate to it more than the older people.

1980 | Age Of Music Lovers

The most important thing that happened in the 1980s was that MTV was introduced in the television. MTV is actually a TV channel that shows the music videos of all time. The very first video that was shown by MTV was Video Killed the Radio Star. It was the song of 1979. This channel became so popular that there were slogans of “MTV is here” in all of the public. In these years, the hard rock, heavy metal,and glam metal were introduced to the world. These genres were the most dominating genres for the whole decade. They still are but they were introduced in the ’80s.

Grunge Music 1990

The grunge music and its subgenres were introduced in the 1990s. They were the most domination ones in this decade. They still are and are also always associated with the 1990s. The band that brought this genre to its peak is Nirvana. Britpop was also introduced in the ’90s and it also gained popularity in the same decade.

2010 | An Advanced Musical Time

During this decade, the music world has changed a lot. The outside world has the most influence in the music now. The outside world like Facebook has great influence in the music industry. Many famous singers and artisans could be seen presently. All of them gained their popularity in this decade. Some of these famous names are Bruno Mars, Brittany Spears, Timothy McKenzie and many more.


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