Interesting Relationship Between Music And Painting


When you see a painting, there are many things that will come to your mind. There is not just the outer picture that can be seen in the painting but every painting has a deep and hidden emotion behind it. If you just look at the painting carefully then you can easily be able to interpret the meanings, moods,and emotions behind the painting. The way you are painting or the theme that you want to paint is influenced by many environmental factors also. It is very interesting to see that your mood can influence your painting and your mood can be influenced by music and songs. It means that if you are listening to a particular genre of music then your mood will automatically be changed and you would like to paint according to the music. Some of the music genres are discussed below that can influence your painting in a particular direction/theme.

Effect of Light Music in Painting

Music has a great effect on your brain and mood. As there are different genres of music, in the same way, you can have different moods depending on your music choice also. Let’s play some light and serene music and we will see how your mood will also change. You may have seen beautiful and serene looking scenic paintings. Some of the landscapes are this muchbeautiful and realistic looking thatwith just a single look, the viewer gets the same feeling from the painting.

  • A painter can only attain this realistic painting if he/she is in a relaxed and serene mood. You can turn on a light or melodious music and start painting. The end result of the painting will be a painting that is made up of light colors and tones. Your hands will automatically go to light colors. It is the result of music.
  • Many psychologists, musicologists, philosophers,and neuroscientists have worked on it and even proven that painting has a relationship with music.
  • Sad music is definitelya big no when you want to paint something nice and carefree.
  • There can be a time when you are given an order to paint something beautiful and pleasing even if your mood is not good then you can switch to nice and beautiful music and your mood will automatically change from angry/sad to good and happy.
  • The music is not a permanent remedy for your mood but it is really good for a temporary mood-change.

Effect of Fast Music in Painting

There are many artists and painters that were inspired by music and many musicians that were inspired by paintings.

  • This is a definite example of the relationship of music with painting and vice versa. As the color psychology has already described us that colors represent a particular mood and emotion, the same can be seen in the paintings.
  • If a person is listening to fast or break music then the painting that will be seen is going to be abstract with a variety of colors.
  • You can see abstract art and will be easily able to tell that the painter was listening to fast music or was in a whirl of emotions. Abstract art can also show a variety of emotions in the painters.

Effect of Dark Music in Painting

There are hundreds of paintings that have dark themes and are depressing looking. Many paintings can be seen that gives you a sad or depressing feeling. Have you ever thought about the mood of the painter when he was painting this?

  • It is easy to guess as a person that is in good mood can never paint a depressing painting. His/her mood can easily be because of a problem or because of a sad moment in his/her life. It can also be because the painter was listening to sad music.
  • There are many music videos and songs that have a sad, dark and depressing theme and if a person is listening to them then he will definitely go towards the dark colors and paint a depressing looking painting.
  • If you are feeling happy or just relaxed then it is impossible to paint a dark and sad painting. If you are assigned by your teacher to paint something sad as a class-project then you can turn on the sad music and it will be easy for you to paint a dark-themed painting.


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