What are the most stressful stages of IVF?


As we all know that IVF is a lengthy procedure which is the most stressful thing for the treatment. The stress is a major factor that can affect the fertility of the couples but it is out of control. The stages of stress during the treatment are different for everyone. The following are some stages where patient feel stressful and these are:

•    Some face stress because of money as it is a little expensive than IUI, but at the hospitals, under Select IVF India, we have easy payment options so that couples can easily avail the benefits of the treatment.

•    Some face stress due to physical pain which is at the time of egg retrieval when Dr. Nalini Gupta retrieve the eggs from women ovaries using a hollow needle at that time some of the women experience cramping or discomfort.

•    Some face stress emotionally as it is a lengthy procedure and involve a lot of emotional phases during the entire journey of IVF.

•    Some face stress due to the failure or rejection of the treatment which means embryo implant but successful pregnancy not occurred.

What are the factors include stress?

The following are some factors which include the stress and these are:

•    There are initial stages of IVF which causes stress in couples as it involves frequent visits to the doctor.

•    There can be frequent blood draws.

•    One can feel stress while taking daily hormone injections.

•    The one can feel stress for waiting for the pregnancy test to be conducted as Dr. Nalini Gupta conduct pregnancy test after two-weeks of each IVF treatment cycle.

•    There are chances that your IVF cycle can be cancelled, at any stage, if your body is not responding to the IVF medications properly.

•    The patients get stressed as the ultrasound is conducted two to three times a week.

Is stress impact the success of IVF treatment?

Yes, stress can impact your IVF treatment in the following ways and these are:

•    If you get negative feelings such as depression, anxiety, anger etc. can impact the outcome of the IVF treatment as you are not able to produce the good quality of eggs for fertilization.

•    The stress not only affects your ability to get pregnant but also it affects your ability to stay pregnant and deliver a healthy baby.

•    If you feel stressed during your IVF treatment then there are chances that you need the increases number of IVF treatment cycles to get pregnant.

•    Your negative feelings during an IVF treatment are also associated with poor semen quality.

•    The more women feel negative during the IVF treatment the less are the chances for her to conceive a baby through IVF procedure.

•    Dr. Nalini Gupta at Select IVF India advises the couples to feel positive during their treatment as it will increase women chances of carrying and delivering a healthy baby.

•    According to the study, the second major reason after financial stress the couples face is the drop out of IVF treatment which affects them emotionally. The premature drop-out will reduce your chances of getting pregnant.

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