How to make your hair dye last longer


Are you tired of your hair looking brassy and dull a few weeks after your dye and don’t want to go get them refreshed every few months? Then these tips are surely for you Hun!

It’s 2019 and everyone has dyed hair. Whether you’re a bottled blonde or a mermaid blue, we all want to take our beautiful dyes an extra mile given how much they cost. The key to maintaining your beautiful dye is to keep your hair nourished and hydrated. Here are some tips:

           Use the right products

  • We use the same products usually even after dying and bleaching our hair. That’s where we go wrong. Try using shampoos that have the label ‘sulphate a paraben free’. These shampoos don’t strip your hair of your natural oils and lock in the moisture.
  • If your natural oils aren’t enough then go for hydrating and nourishing shampoos, preferably something with keratin! Keratin is a protein that helps nourish and soothe your hair from the roots to its ends.
  • Use products that are specially made for color treated hair. These shampoos or conditioners tend to not be as harsh. They give your hair the shine and strength they need without stripping them of the dye!
  • Are you using styling gels and mousses? Well, check the ingredients asap! Styling products that are alcohol-free will go a long way in retaining the moisture within your hair instead of drying them out even more.

    Protect your hair when you swim

  • Are you a frequent swimmer? Whether in the pool or in the ocean, swimming can really get your bad hair days going. Pool water has chemicals like chlorine while sea water has tonnes of salt that can ruin your hair. It is recommended that before you go into the water you apply any oil that will make a barrier between your hair and the water.
  • Not a fan of oil? Then Vaseline petroleum jelly will also do the same task. Take a generous quantity and run it through from the roots to the ends of your hair so the water does not do as much damage.

Pro tip – Coconut and Mustard Oils are renowned for their hair healing abilities

        Don’t shampoo every day

  • Shampooing every day can be extremely unhealthy for your hair. It can strip your hair of its natural oils which will make it your hair even dryer after the effects of bleaching it. Nobody wants that. Try shampooing on alternate days only.
  • Are you a person who can’t stay without shampooing hair everyday? Well the Pro tip- only shampoo and lather your roots, let the rest of the hair rinse only while keeping the lather only towards your scalp.
  • You can also make use of dry shampoos! Dry shampoos are great on no shower days. Invest in a good quality dry shampoo and spray it near your roots. Make sure the dry shampoo is alcohol-free and doesn’t further dry your hair out.

    SPF for hair, Sun protection is key

  • Haven’t heard of Sun protection for hair? Well, as much as your skin needs SPF, so does your hair. Hair products have labels that says it has SPF, try incorporating those products in your hair care routine. Apart from that, try wearing hats or caps when out in the sun. It protects your hair from unnecessary UV damage and keeps it cleaner for longer as well.

    Deep Condition

  • Deep conditioning is the holy grail of keeping your hair healthy and happy. Like your skin needs a good facial every once in a while, so does your hair. Dyed hair has undergone hair dye, bleaching and toners, now all it needs is a little love. Use a good store-bought conditioner or just make one at home yourself. Keep it in your hair and put a warm damp towel on top to deeply treat your hair.

Quick DIY- Mix in half a cup of yogurt and 1 egg to make an enriching hair mask. Leave it in your hair for 30-40 minutes before shampooing it out. This hair conditioner is all natural and will work like magic for your dyed hair.


  • You can also use oils! Oiling your hair overnight might seem like a hassle but it does wonders for your hair. Anything from Mustard, Olive or coconut oil can deeply enrich your hair with what it needs!

Good luck with all your hair endeavors.



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