What to Wear, and When to Wear.


When one thinks of the word lifestyle, the three things that come to mind are fashion, clothing, and women. As we progress into the future, and the knowledge of fashion grows, it has become crucial to keeping up with the present trend. Especially, in clothing for women, a tremendous change can be observed. The designs change by the second, sometimes old becomes new and new gets forgot, and this change might happen in a matter of minutes, proving that it’s absolutely necessary to be up to date on what’s now!

When it comes to clothing, it can be differentiated majorly into two categories. Summer, or spring wear, and winter, or autumn wear. If we talk about these two, just over the top, the clothes that should be worn on summer should be comfortable and light too, while in winter, the clothing should be warm and yet should be light. Keeping these in mind the fashion designers have created some amazing design which is now leading the fashion world and you can easily buy clothes according to using Myntra Promo Codes.

Clothes Designed for Summer/Spring:

According to the trend of 2018, a variety of designs and colors have captured the essence and thereby reaching the top position in women’s fashion for the summer. Let’s take a look at the top designs catching the eyes of the beholder:

  • Patterned dress: If you want to enhance the beauty of a dress, the first suggestion from the best fashion designers is a pattern. Imagine adding a beautiful flower pattern on top of a dress, wouldn’t it immediately become an attraction and grab the attention of the public? The patterns also may include checks and vines which just make the dress even more beautiful and vibrant.
  •  Pinafore style: Not just for winter, Pinafore styles dress has been known to attract the public’s attention even in the 80s fashion world, making it an evergreen beauty. It involves a sleeveless dress that is worn on top of polo shirts and jumpers etc.
  •  Oversize, lightweight blend: Some women prefer comfort when it comes to women’s fashion, to satisfy their needs, the present fashion world has created oversized designs without losing their attractive look. Now girls can have both cool look and comfort. Isn’t that amazing?
  •  Polka dots: The most famous and the most attractive and the most attention seeking design on dresses is the polka dots design. Red polka dots or black polka dots on white would give women such beauty, that you could never imagine. Women love and wear them, men love to see women in them.
  •  Baby doll style: The fashion designers made a dress that would fit and look absolutely beautiful on women of various sizes, bringing happiness in everyone and turning the whole fashion world.

Clothes Designed for winters:

Compared to summer wear, it takes a lot of effort and thinking to design a classy, yet warm winter wear. The fashion designers took that as a challenge and created these amazing beauties.

  •  Animal prints: The fashion world is going absolutely wild, with their amazing new animal print dress. Most famous of them are Leopard, Zebra, and Tiger, bringing out both beauty and fierce touch to the person wearing it.
  • Leather: Truth be told, nothing makes a man go ‘whoa!’ then a woman dressed in leather. And the present winter wear is leading with outfits involving leather, like leather jackets, leather pants, etc., bringing the beauty out and also keeping them warm and you can easily buy using Jabong Coupon Code.
  •  Fur: When winter comes, so does fur. Every woman dreams about wearing fur at least once in her lifetime. The softness and the thickness make you want to cuddle and never get out. And the women are falling head over heels to get fur. And as the saying goes, keep the man who buys you fur.
  •  Capes: The amazing comeback in the fashion industry goes to capes. Worn by the knights during the king’s time, they got lost as the time progressed, and now they’re back and with more beauty. Women are going crazy over the fact that they can wear capes like the superheroes.
  •  Shiny silver: Considering the present world, the most important lifestyle is partying. To go to a party, you need a dress that would bedazzle everyone. Fashion designers kept that in mind and put silver dresses on the table. Where ever you go, the shine from the silver follows you. Giving you a certain beauty and helping you stand out!


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