Top 10 Essential Personal Care Items Every Girl Needs On The Go


We live in a fast world and nowadays almost everything is done during transit. So here’s your guide to the essentials you can keep in your bag for on the go.


  • Sun protection.

We need sun protection. It has countless benefits. From being the ultimate anti-aging formula to keep your skin even toned and supple. SPF has a lot of benefits. It is essential we carry around a small moisturizer that is full of SPF 30 plus. Also, keep a pair of sunglasses. While driving and traveling the sun causes us to squint. Large goggles or Sunglasses while doing tasks like driving protect not only your eyesight but prevent crows’ feet and eye bags.

  • Vaseline-

Vaseline or petroleum jelly is a life saver. The multipurpose tool can be doubled as lip balm, moisturizer for your hands or to calm down your baby hairs. Having dryness or an allergic reaction> Vaseline will soothe it down and help with cracks and irritation. Overall, Vaseline is a handy tool to have around in your bag.

  • Blotting sheets

Blotting sheets are a K-beauty trend that was very popular in 2018, all for the right reasons. Blotting sheets are usually made of translucent rice paper that are very good at soaking up oil. Over powdering your face might start to give a cakey look at a certain point but using blotting sheets will not. Blotting sheets absorb oils without disturbing your makeup too much and keep you matte and fresh throughout the day. How efficient!

  • Travel size dry shampoo

For someone who travels and is on the go constantly it is hard to shampoo your hair on the daily. It is not only harmful to shampoo daily but a time-consuming task to wash and dry your hair in the morning. A travel size dries shampoo and can really help you out with that. Spray the dry shampoo near your roots and massage for 2 minutes to make sure it is blended in well.

A good dry shampoo is the Batiste Dry shampoo that comes in a lot of travel-friendly sizes and is easy on the pocket. 

  • Perfume or deodorant.

Needless to say, perfume is essential to carry around. For anyone on the go, it is very easy to sweat off your deodorant and have an issue dealing with body odor. A small travel sized perfume or deodorant towelettes can really help control and tame body odor and allow you to smell fresh throughout the day. 


  • Lip and cheek tint

During our busy routines it is easy to look worn out and pale. A pop of color can really help brighten your face up. A multipurpose lip and cheek tint can give you the effect of rosy lips and flushed cheeks. A look that is the yearlong Korean beauty trend. The tint lasts longer than other makeup products and you wouldn’t have to retouch often.

An amazing lip and cheek tint on the market is the Bodyshop Cheek and lip tint, for around $21 you can get a small tint to carry around on the go.

  • Compact powder

It is easy to get oily in the polluted air and humidity. It is also handy to have a compact powder to have on hand, it covers up excess oils on the skin and gives you a fresh look without having to do your makeup. You can use a foundation powder to have additional coverage over scars or marks

Overall a good foundation powder is the Mac studio fix compact and a blotting powder is the Fenty beauty blotting powder.

  • Concealer

A travel size concealer can give you coverage in your problem areas throughout the day. When you don’t have time to do your whole face done in the morning, throwing a concealer in the bag can give you a natural clean look without having to put in a lot of effort.

The new elf 5$ concealer provides amazing coverage and comes in a lot of shades, so if your purpose is to conceal brighten or bronze, this shade range will cater to you. If you want something more bougie then go for the Tarte shape tape, a winner for 2018. Its full coverage creamy formula can hide anything on your face.

  • A darker lip color

It is hard to find a universal lip color that is suitable for every situation. During the night time, it is likely that you would want to switch to darker lip color. For a night out or for a formal dinner, darker lip color is a statement itself.

Jeffree star unicorn blood is a beautiful burnt red that gives you the professional edge and acts as a versatile night time lipstick. The formula is comfortable and easy to apply as well as carry. You can also go for the Milani no. 12 for a deep blue based red formula for an amazing finish and look!


  1. A flat pair of shoes

Let’s be honest its hard to travel around in high heels or pumps all day. It causes difficulty driving and in general doing fast-paced tasks. Keep a comfortable pair of flat slip-on, they will ease your feet at the end of the day, and you can always switch up your look from Prada to comfy!


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