How Kanye West End up being married to Kim Kardashian?


Kanye West is a man having a multi-talented personality, who is also known as “Ye”. He is an award-winning rapper & singer. He is also working as an entrepreneur, fashion designer& record producer.

Education and Career:

In his early age, Kanye West got admission in the Polaris high school that was located in Chicago. In his age of five, he started to write down the poetry. He was also interested in music, and his poetry was observed by his mother the first time when he was studying in a third standard. In his ager of ten years, Kanye West moved to Nanjing, a city of China with his mother due to some reasons. As he does not know more about the Chinese language so, therefore, he just got A’s and B’s grade.

In his seventh grade, he started to make a music composition. In his age of thirteen for the first time, he wrote a rap song named as “Green Eggs and Ham.” Then he said to his mother to pay for his recording. At the age of fifteen, he was so pleased on getting his electronic musical instruments. In 1997 he got a scholarship of getting admission in Chicago’s American Academy of Art. He joined the academy and started painting in the academy then he moved to Chicago state university where he started to study English. After this, he thought about his musical career and preferred it in the study.

Falling in love:

There is a short story of two failed marriages before Kim Kardashian finds the love of her life. She wished to find the love of her life therefor the hunt for her passion was not stopped by Kim Kardashian.  

At the very first time when they met, there was a spark between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. It was a fate for those to end up together. The series of relationships with other people’s kept them separate for the long term. Not were superstars yet when Kim attached with the R&B singer Brandy, whom she served for as a stylist, for a record session of a track known as ‘Talk about Our Love’ at the Record Plant Studio in Hollywood.  

Attractive and most beautiful, Kim just caught the eye of Kanye, in early 2004, a very well producer and songwriter names as Kanye with his just single hit album need the time to become a star in the Hollywood as he is today. Kim offered tea. She was in a long relationship with Brandy’s brother, the rapper Ray J, with whom she executed the infamous sex tape, so was not free to pursue Kanye even though they fancied each other. He too was in a long-standing relationship.  

Kanye did not forget Kim. Once looking through a magazine in Sidney Australia he saw a picture of Kim that reminded him that how sexy legs she had, in this September, they were caught together in the opening ceremony of the intermix boutique in the Hollywood. Kim was there with her brother, but the Kanye was there with his new girlfriend, Alexis Phifer. In the year 2007, Kanye said to Kim that he would marry her one day. Kim had a relationship with Ray J then she moved on to a famous footballer Reggie Bush who was belonged to America. There were some predictions that they would, but unfortunately, this was not the right time for the Kim, so she moved on in her work after keeping up her relationship with the Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian career:

A film name as Disaster clearly showed that acting is not her forte. She wanted to be a bold girl, but due to this flop, she cannot do this. She was exit early from the top-rated show with a stint of dancing with superstars. These failures did not matter, however, because they put her in the public eye and appearance is the key to building a name. And while her presence shows continued to increase, so did her business federation. Kim Kardashian was the output, and she sold it relentlessly to society. 

She recommended shoes and cupcakes, made a fitness video and was given more than £6,000 for advertising on Twitter that she liked a special salad. As her popularity grew, so did the sums included – her fee for training up at a club grew from £12,000 to £60,000.  

She had her brand of jewelry and watches. In 2010 she made a lofty aim by making her brand of perfume named as Kim Kardashian. At the end of 2010, she topped the list of highest earners of the year by earning 6$ million. Kanye was still around her. He was the special guest in his hip-hop puppet show called Alligator Boots in 2008. Kardashian made his best efforts to support her to be a singer in autumn 2010, and at last, she was looking to enter in the studio in the Los Angeles where she was recording her first time. This was not real fame for her.  

Patch up with Kim Kardashian:

By the time both of them were single again. Kanye made a dispatched from her latest girlfriend. Then Kim sent her explicit pictures to the rapper Kanye. Inexplicably, when they were both independent, they did not grab the opportunity. Out of the blue, Kim started dating basketball player Kris Humphries. It was a hurricane romance, and they partnered in Montecito in a celebration filmed as a two-part episode for Putting up with the Kardashians. They were not a well-suited couple, so Kim stated for the divorce just after the 72 days of marriage. Kim showed the wedding as a stunt of the show in front of the accusations. The show was named as I am a hopeless romantic! I love with me all love and soul. She also stated that I want a family and babies and a good life. By the time her rancorous divorce was finalized twenty months later, she was awaiting her first baby with her true love, Kanye West. After her separation from Kris, she had expected for Kanye to call, but she didn’t catch from him because he was so disturbed when she married someone else. 

In the end, she called him up. Six weeks next, they were seen in public together for the very first time at a gathering in Beverly Hills. 

Net Worth of Kanye West:

Kanye West has maintained several ventures. Although he got a lot from his music career, his other causes of income are also worthy. His early work also added to increase Kanye West net worth as his debut album called “The College Dropout” was the bestselling album that sold 400,000 copies in its first week of release. Kanye West has an estimated net worth of $250 million. In 2007, his yearly earning was $17 million that was led to $28 million per year till 2018.

Social Media Activist:

Kanye West was always busy to do his work in a particular way. Maybe this is the reason behind his award-winning. He is one of those celebrities which does not like to share each and everything of his day on social media like Facebook and Instagram. He does not like social media activities. As most of the celebrities and professionals, he likes Twitter, that’s why he made his twitter account in July 2010. Kanye West believes that social media is a very good source of communication with fans, getting their feedbacks, likes, dislikes, and opinions rather than just sharing things of daily routine.



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