Difference BetweenVintage And Hijab Fashion


A Little Overview About Vintage Fashion

The first trend for vintage fashion was started in 1960. Proceeding to this, the transaction and wearing of the ancient dress had altered implications. All stages of business in ancient fashion were well sustained by the growing haste of fashion revolution from the 15th and 16th eras and the development in customer accessibility of these changes. As the market community for fashion enlarged, the evolution in the business of vintage fashion was increased as the magnitude of these possessions improved. The innovative fashion designers gathered objects that others had abandoned and refunded them back to the monetary cycle.

Vintage Fashion

Vintage fashion was a social indicator for people and the upper class used to suggest that the people who use the vintage fashion mostly belonged to the lower class. In those days, vintage fashion was known as a stigma that people was aware of as a source of pain. The poor people used to wear shoes, jackets, and other old clothes of their ancestors. It was the old fashion that was passing down from the families. People never bought anything from the outside to do fashion instead of they had everything of their need at their homes. The poor people used to give the impression to others as they were very rich or belong to a high society such as lawyers and actors but actually, they were not. Due to the use of vintage fashion, they were treated like big celebrities.

Conceptual Hijab Fashion Overview

Most of the people think that hijab and veil are same but it is not right. Hijab and veil are two different terms. Veil means covering the head, face, and other parts of the body and it is most commonly used in Muslim women. Hijab is a multilayered word and every woman can do it according to her necessity. In Islam, it is necessary for men and women to cover their bodies properly because it is prohibited to see the body parts of others. Hijab is used by all the women all around the world due to its need. Most of the women wear hijab due to heat when the sun is burning.


Some women wear it to save their hair from dirt but it is not compulsory for them to wear hijab like the Muslim women because they have to wear the veil in all situations. Hijab and veil are being used from very ancient days and hijab is similar to head covers and scarfs. It was very common in Muslim countries and in the whole world. Hijab is used as an Islamic term for Muslim women and it is very much popular in women. All the Muslims around the world use the Quranic references to support the term of hijab and veil.

Vintage fashion Vs. Hijab fashion|Differences

  • Fashion evolution

Vintage fashion has evolved into modern fashion these days and people love it to the extreme. The most common thing these days is being used is the vintage baggy jeans that are now known as boyfriend jeans. The only difference in these jeans is the quality. Long coats are taking over the Abayas and women wear it easily to cover their bodies. Long skirts and maxi are also being used as an alternative to Abaya and hijab.

  • Simplicity

Vintage fashion was very loud and the colors of the clothes were very odd and bright. The vintage fashion was rejected in the 90s but now; fashion designers are using those vintage designs by using creative and innovative ideas. The only difference in these designs is the simplicity and the use of light colors. Hijab fashion has also adopted new fashion trends by changing the hijab styles and look of Abaya.

  • Social status

In the 21st century, the vintage fashion was rooted deeply in the minds of the people and they used to love it. In this century, boutique retailers were very famous and they were doing work in the market as famous people to acquire the status of a big personality. Then vintage fashion was introduced in the film and drama industry, famous top models were hired for doing the photoshoots for the magazines. In the past, fashion was only done by women but now, men also adopt it to look classy and rich.



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