Beauty Routine For The Winter Season


During the winter season, our skin can drastically change. We tend to convert back to our hydrating moisturizer, as well as a ton of nourishing creams. Plenty of women get confused when it comes to their makeup application, since all of a sudden – their skin is patchy, and it can’t handle products as it used to. This is why and where we come to rescue! Here is how you should do your makeup in the winter!

Top 7 Steps To Perfect Beauty Routine In The Winter Season

1. Moisturize, A Lot

Use a lot of hydrating and nourishing creams as well as oil-based products. Your skin will demand moisture once the weather becomes colder, and as the air becomes drier. All of your pores will demand hydration, so make sure you don’t neglect your everyday routine. For instance, use cream, as well as a hydrating face, mask every other night to restore the lost moisture. If your skin is dry you can re-apply your products per your preference, as well as your need.

2. Glowy Products Will Work

When you think of glowy, you probably think about a lot of highlighters, right? If so, you are right! Try and restore back the shine as well as a shimmer to your skin. You should use a hydrating and liquid base (a glowy primer) as well as a liquid highlighter on your cheekbones and your forehead. They will give you a youthful, as well as a hydrated base for the upcoming winter months.

3. Skip The Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow can, unfortunately, crease like crazy. You should stay away from any shadow and only embrace the natural color of your eyelids.  Some women have a pink undertone, while others have a beige undertone. Let your natural color come through, and keep it simple with your eye looks!

4. Welcome New Lashes

So, since you’ll be avoiding eyeshadow and you won’t play around a lot with your eyes, try to embrace dramatic lashes! Why not get a set of lash extensions? They are way more sturdy than glue-on lashes and are a lot more long-lasting. They will easily survive annoying winters, cold temperatures, as well as heavy rain and snow. Women who need a practical look yet who are all about low-maintenance will appreciate lash extensions for the winter. They can easily last for 3 weeks, and will suit any eye shape!

5. Soft Brows

Eyebrows should be soft and natural. The best way to achieve this is with a brow pomade or brow powder. Draw and fill in your brows by doing light strokes and upward motions. Make sure your brows are a bit lighter than your natural hair color. Set them in place with a tinted brow gel – this will keep them in place while still giving them a significant amount of color.

6. Lip Balm + Lipstick

Lip balm will protect your lips at all times from getting chapped. It will also give you a lot of moisture while acting as an amazing primer for your lipstick. If you are someone who prefers only a bit of sheen – a tinted lip balm will do the trick! However, if you prefer matte and full coverage lipsticks, use a lip balm beforehand as a primer. It will give you a smoother surface and will allow you to apply your lip products with ease.

7. Set Your Face

Lastly, set your face with a bit of colored powder. Make tapping motions with your favorite round brush. Don’t apply a heavy amount of product since it can still end up looking patchy. What you can (and should do) is set your face with your favorite setting spray! This fine mist will push all of your makeup up to your pores and will set everything with ease.

Makeup In Winter: Explained

Do you feel a bit more confident when it comes to your makeup application now? You can look gorgeous in winter, just follow these 7 steps! Every woman, no matter her age or skin type, will easily achieve the perfect complexion, and will benefit a lot from our article!


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