Ph.D. in Marketing


The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well, the product and service fit them and sells itself.

You have completed your MBA and are looking forward to continuing in the field that interest you, business and marketing then doing a Ph.D. after an MBA is the right choice.

No one can become an expert in any subject overnight, every area requires a lot of knowledge and experience, and doing a Ph.D. in marketing will take years of education, hard work and will require you to do groundbreaking research on the subject.

 In a Ph.D program, you will learn higher concepts of interpretation and data analysis techniques. These research skills along with teaching techniques can help you become a private teacher or a professor.

Ph.D. in marketing has a lot to offer and will expand your understanding of marketing techniques and customer choices, you can select the subjects that you wish to study on more closely, it could be behavioral science, mathematical modeling or data analysis.

 Doctoral-level courses in marketing are going to introduce you to higher and advanced concepts in research methodology, statistics, and the psychology of marketing. Some typical classes include:

–       Behavioral Marketing Seminar

–       Marketing Models

–       Research Methodology

–       Multivariate Statistics

A great portion of your career will be to focus on research and for that, you will be assisting and working with different professors in different semesters so you learn something new and different each semester.

Through the extreme training and practicing, you’ll expertly easily define essential research questions and develop all plans that can help answer those questions.

What can you do with a Ph.D. in marketing?

Many Ph.D. holders choose to become professors in marketing and go into the teaching line but there are many other options available too, you can work as a researcher in nonprofit businesses, government agencies and in private sectors. These pay higher than what you’ll get in the teaching profession. You can become a sales manager or survey analysts in top companies or a financial manager.

Through the process of acquiring a Ph.D. in marketing, students learn about information technology, organizational behavior, political economics, and marketing. In order to secure a Ph.D.

in marketing, it is needed for the prospective graduate students to complete a five-year graduate program consisting of two years of course study followed by a field examination at the end of the Ph.D. Getting a Ph.D. in marketing is not a piece of cake and you will have to work rigorously and master your researching skills. 

A Ph.D. in marketing will give you the necessary education to understand human behavior and being able to collect and analyze the relevant data to craft all marketing strategies with a greater chance of success

A lot of universities offer a Ph.D. in management but only a few offer Ph.D. in Marketing like :

–       The University of Portsmouth offers a Ph.D. in Marketing and Sales

–       Durham University offers a Ph.D. in Management and Marketing

–       Lancaster University offers a Ph.D. in Marketing

–       The University of Birmingham offers a Ph.D. in Marketing Research

–       Hanken school of economics offers a Ph.D. in Marketing 



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